High Desert Journal is a voice for the landscape and the people of the interior West. Through literature and visual arts, HDJ has created an evolving conversation that deepens an understanding of the people, places, and issues of the interior West, a region rich in creativity, history and flux, yet often overlooked for its cultural resources.

Since 2004, HDJ has uniquely combined the elements of the West: elegance and grit, urban and rural, arid and wet. HDJ is a publication that:

  • Elicits a sense of place, inspires connection, and stimulates respect
  • Allows for discovery of literature and art that honors the myths and evokes the emergent West
  • Garners respect and reverence for strong content and design
  • Portrays the past and present for perspective of the assets and challenges of life in the West

HDJ is an online literary and visual art magazine dedicated to further understanding the people, places, and issues of the interior West.

HDJ 's content helps define its region in literary and artistic terms and represents a collection of work that charts the changes of a distinctive, unique region. It is one of the first publications to give readers another way to understand and think about the high desert through the stories and images that spring from the memories and imaginations of writers and artists.

HDJ invites submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, memoirs, interviews, essays, book reviews, letters to the editor, and visual art. We accept work from residents of the region working with any theme, and from anyone living outside the region creating work with high desert themes and elements.

We publish biannually, in January and June, and review submissions between Jan 1-April 1 and August 1 -November 1.

Documentation of any medium of visual work may be submitted. Artists within the region are invited to submit work of any subject. Artists outside of the interior West are encouraged to submit work relevant to the region. Upload 5-8 low-resolution jpgs to be considered for publication. High-resolution images will be required if selected. We are particularly interested in authentic, innovative, and thought-provoking work.   
High Desert Journal