High Desert Journal is a forum for literary, visual and journalistic artists to contribute a deeper understanding of the landscape and people of the interior West. We accept poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, memoirs, books reviews, essays, interviews and visual arts. High Desert Journal is looking for quality work that illuminates the landscape of the interior West, the people and the relationships between the two. We accept work from residents of the interior West working with any theme, and from anyone living outside of this region creating with an element or theme of the interior West. 

We publish biannually (in November and May) and review submissions bewtween April 1 - August 1 for the fall issue, and November 1 - March 1 for the spring issue.   

Please email us digital files of art work at cfinn@highdesertjournal.com. 

Unfortunately, we can not return manuscripts, poems or images of artwork. 

Documentation of any medium of visual work may be submitted. Artists within the region are invited to submit work of any subject. Artists outside of the interior West are encouraged to submit work relevant to the region. Upload 5-8 low-resolution jpgs to be considered for publication. High-resolution images will be required if selected. We are particularly interested in authentic, innovative, and thought-provoking work.   
High Desert Journal