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Editor, CMarie Fuhrman,

I am interested in all types of creative nonfiction that explore a writer's relationship to place (the High Desert, in this case), culture, and identity.  I tend to gravitate, however, toward stories structured around narratives, but I am also stirred by that work which seems to push against the general mold, writing that follows the writer's genius and not the accepted norm.  I am most interested in writing that carries a unique and confident voice, combines style with substance, and reaches beyond the personal to find greater meaning and understanding of the self, the west, the world.  I love deep writing.  I am not interested in writing rife with hubris or stories of conquering nature.  I am a champion of Native writers and writing from outside the realm of those typically published, but above all, I am interested in great writing, that which can make any subject interesting and new and make readers pause and catch their breath as they are reading.

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